Pre-University Programme in Hospitality and Tourism (Work & Learn)

Awarded by collaborated Educational Partners in local colleges

  • High Quality Program

    Industrial Recognized Pre-University Qualification in Hospitality and Tourism that will improve work productivity and performance in the field of hospitality

  • Shorter Duration

    Compared to Traditional Qualification route which takes about 3 years, this unique program only takes you less than 9 months to obtain your pre-university qualification

  • Faster Career Path

    Start with a high allowance then convert to a high paying and rewarding career in the shortest time ever

Hear from the Trainees

“I was about to embark onto my ITE journey in Hospitality until I came across EduCareerSG. The Program by EduCareerSg has helped me to fast track my career path with a big jump straight to a diploma.”

Damiel Ang

“Despite having a cert in Culinary, I prefer to engage customers at the front-line. Thanks to EduCareerSG, I manage to do a quick switch in the shortest time possible as I continue to pursue my Diploma with this program.”

Lynette Goh

“This Program is amazing, straightforward, rewarding and knowing that how short it is actually. Very interesting and I am able to graduate with an International recognized Diploma. What more can I ask for?”

Nur Najihah

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